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[Release] Cypher's Shack Admin CP
by Cypher720
01 Oct 2002 01:41

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Sorry i never released it earlier...ive had it for a while.

Cypher720 01 Oct 2002 02:15

2 Attachment(s)
woops - forgot the SS!

Vex 01 Oct 2002 15:54

looks nice...


Tony G 03 Oct 2002 03:05

Not bad. :)

May use this. May.

Cypher720 03 Oct 2002 03:09

cool! - -i think it would be cool if YOu used it! i think we might just get along!

Tony G 03 Oct 2002 04:20

The one I have now matches my forum scheme though, so I really can't. :p

BuBs 16 Dec 2003 00:36

Sorry if this is considered bringing back an old thread but I really like this theme and i'm gonna use it on my 2.3.2 board *hope it works* and thanks, cypher. Man, you should make a theme that looks like that dream maker skin or w/e it is for vbulletin. That would be sweet.

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