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Anyone think the internet was kinda better back in the good old days AOL pre-Y2K?
by guest21-32492304
18 Dec 2020 22:32

Because back then you had to know how a computer worked before you could get on the internet. And back then everything required a seperate irq# and if something had the same irq it would brick the computer and when modems came seperate. The only way back then you would get on the internet is if you were a college student,military,worked for the government or knew someone in those fields. And back then you couldn't get on the internet using a cell phone.

And seems back then there was more of a iintelligence with some users back then.

guest21-32492304 06 Apr 2021 21:47

And it seems nowadays the internet is becoming too commercialized and kid friendly.

Like kids are going to many sites nowadays and causing websites to be brought down to kid safe levels.

Soon youtube might start banning stuff that isn't kid safe.

I feel that kids shouldn't be allowed on the internet till their 18+

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