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Moderate Reputation Comments (ModCP Option)
by Mosh
20 Sep 2009 05:13

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: This hack can only be used by Super Administrators, Administrators and Super Moderators.

What Does This Hack Do?

This is an update to a paid request I did for a client in July 2008, that I am now releasing here for free (see this thread for more information - can only be viewed by licensed members).

Do you have a problem with a lot of your members disputing reputation they have been given other members (i.e. one member being spiteful to another member)? Do you have a group of members that are participating in a reputation boosting scheme? If so, have you noticed that it is so tedious to investigate each and everyone of the complaints and wish you could spread the love by getting other people to do this for you, but not give them AdminCP access? If the answer is yes, then this hack is for you.

This is a hack gives your Super Moderators (along with Super Administrators and Administrators) the option in the ModCP to edit or delete a user's reputation comments, that before now only Super Administrators and Administrators could do from the AdminCP.

This means you can now spread the load of moderating user reputation comments with your Super Moderators, leaving you the administrator more time to do other things.

What Do You Get?

Super Moderators, Super Administrators and Administrators can do the following in the ModCP for reputation comments:
  1. Search for reputation comments based on the user leaving the comments
  2. Search for reputation comments based on comments left for a user
  3. Search for reputation comments based on a specific time period
  4. Search for reputation comments based on any combination of the three options above above
  5. Edit Reputation - Comment
  6. Edit Reputation - Reputation points given (positive or negative)
  7. Delete a user's reputation comment (including reputation points that user gave)
  8. View the profile of the user who left the comment
  9. View the profile of the user the comment was left for

vBulletin Version Compatibility

This hack can be used with vBulletin versions 3.6.0 - 3.8.8.

For the v4.0.x version of this hack - check here.

Hack Support/Feature Requests

IMPORTANT: This hack is no longer supported.


There is a small unobtrusive block of copyright branding text at the bottom of each page generated by this hack, which is there to promote my work and allow you to use this hack for free.

You are NOT allowed to remove my copyright branding from this hack.

Install/Uninstall Instructions

There are no file or template changes at all and is fully phrased. You just need to upload 1 file, import 1 product, and then it will work from then on.

The readme.txt instructions file is included in attached .zip file.


Shown in this order:
  • ModCP sidebar (with Moderate Reputation Comments showing)
  • View Reputation Comments based on a search during a specific time period
  • Edit Reputation
  • Delete Reputation

Version History

v3.8.001 - Sunday 20th September 2009
-- Initial vBulletin v3.8.x Release

NOTE: Portions of the code are (c) Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd.

Show Your Appreciation

Although not required, if you have enjoyed the benefits of this hack, and would like show your appreciation for my efforts, then please feel free to click on the Support Developer link and donate any amount you feel is appropriate.

princeedward 20 Sep 2009 09:09

WOW! 1st Here...nice one Mosh...thanks for this....is this also possible to set not all staff to use this...i mean an option whether only admin or anyone can use this? and also maybe can we edit also the amount of rep points let say increase or decrease to any numbers?

anyway best regards...


Mosh 20 Sep 2009 13:37


Originally Posted by princeedward (Post 1887906)
is this also possible to set not all staff to use this...i mean an option whether only admin or anyone can use this?

It would be possible to add additional permissions, but I am not interested in adding this feature at the moment, I may change my mind in future if I see the need for this on one of my sites.

Originally Posted by princeedward (Post 1887906)
and also maybe can we edit also the amount of rep points let say increase or decrease to any numbers?

This hack already does that, but only per users reputation comment. Global reputation changes and settings are still only available in the AdminCP.

ndut 26 Sep 2009 10:50

nice.. thanks

Mosh 27 Nov 2009 01:12

The vBulletin v4.0.x version of this hack is available here.

Mosh 02 Jan 2010 02:47

Hi all,

It is with regret that after over 4 years (and thousands of hours) spent providing free support for my free hacks released here, as of today I will no longer be able to provide support for free.

This is due to being unemployed for a while, being strapped for cash and unable to rely on the virtually non-existant donations from here to help to pay the bills or put food on the table for my family. I am now providing all support for my free hacks released here over at Wolfshead Solutions via an annual support subscription (for a small fee).

It does not mean I will be no longer release free hacks, I will, but I will just no longer be supporting them for free.

My free hacks have and always will remain free to download and use. And so will updates/bug fixes.

I will be releasing more free hacks, but if you require any support at all for those free hacks, you will need to purchase an annual support subscription over at Wolfshead Solutions to receive support.

I am really sorry I have to do this, but revenue generated by my programming gigs are now my only source of income, and I can no longer afford the luxury of providing free support here, when that time can be spent creating new commerial products, doing paid work requests or providing paid support to pay the bills.

Thank you for the understanding.



Mosh 08 Jan 2011 03:32

Hi all,

Free support has now been moved back to vBulletin.org.

Please see the first post for more information (and also this thread at Wolfshead Solutions).

Enjoy :)


Mosh Shigdar - Wolfshead Solutions.

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