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Custom Settings Per Forum
by ladyfyre
10 Jun 2002 17:07

I am looking for a way to hack my forums so that each forum would have a custom setting in the "edit forums" section of the control panel (or anywhere for that matter), which would allow me to turn on/off 2 settings for individual forums, which would over-ride the site-wide settings.

These two are:

by-pass maximum allowable edit time for messages.


DO NOT "bump" threads on new posts/replies.

Is there any way to accomplish this? I will pay for the work to create these hacks if someone can help me get this done....preferably in a vbhacker format.

Xenon 10 Jun 2002 17:51


DO NOT "bump" threads on new posts/replies
hmm, this would be a problem, because threads aren't really bumped after a post, just the lastposter and lastposttime are updatet, and so it'll "bump" if the sortorder in forumdisplay depends on the last change.

you can change the sortorder if you wish, or set a new order just sort by id, but you cannot stop the bumping, because it's no real action when a new replay is sent :)

by-pass maximum allowable edit time for messages:
this won't be so much, you have to run one query and edit two or three files. Would you just bypass the edittime, or set a custom edittime for this forums?

perhaps i'll do that in the releasforum, if more user want it :)

ladyfyre 10 Jun 2002 18:31

are you saying that i can already change the sort order for an individual forum, without changing the whole site?

I was under the impression it was set for all forums in the VB Options....

as for the by-pass maximum edit time, i just want to be able to set an option in the forums properties which will turn allow the edit time limit to be turned off or on for that forum...although in truth, it would probably be coolest if it was set with a blank to set the numerical value for the edit time in the forum properties, with a blank value defaulting to the value set in the VB Options, and a 0 value meaning no limit (by-pass time limits completely). Of course, a fill in the blank is not necessary for my boards...but if you are looking to make it a release, that would most likely be the most beneficial way for the largest number of VB users.

ladyfyre 10 Jun 2002 18:36

well, i just hunted, double checked, and triple checked, and i see no where that will let me change the sort order of an individual forum.....so i guess that is one i still need too :(

After looking at the sort order options though, neither is really what i want. I want to be able to set certain forums to be sorted by the date the thread was started, instead of the date of the last post. We have some sections which are for advertising, and have a CONTINUAL problem of some people simply serial posting ads, or bumping their own ads, so they will be on top. Once you get several hundred doing it, it gets REALLY confusing for anyone to try to find anything of value. So i want to be able to set it up so they can make replies to their ads, but NOT get bumped back to the top....and i assume that sorting by date of the first post that would be possible.

Xenon 10 Jun 2002 18:36

1 Attachment(s)
look at the screenie below ^^

ok, i'll code it (make a notice to not forget it)

ladyfyre 10 Jun 2002 18:43

Ok...that is a step in the right direction...the only problem is:

1. The option for sorting i want isn't there.
2. How do you set it for an individual forum to have a different default sort value than the rest of the forums?

Xenon 10 Jun 2002 19:21

1. see 2, change lastpost to threadid so it'll sort threads in the order they are created

2. in forumdisplay.php you have to make the line $sortfield='lastpost';
depend on the forum you are..

ladyfyre 10 Jun 2002 19:27

but i don't want it to sort by last post...i want it to sort by the date the thread started.

Xenon 10 Jun 2002 19:29

as i wrote, you have to change lastpost to threadid then...

Xenon 10 Jun 2002 19:39

you can also make new sortoptions to that pulldown:

edit template forumdisplay_threadslist

find the lines
<select name="sortfield">
<option value="title" $sort[title]>thread title</option>

and add this option for example
<option value="threadid" $sort[threadid]>thread startdate</option>

then in forumdisplay.php
find this:

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

and before the break; add case 'threadid':

Xenon 11 Jun 2002 00:14



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