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Remove icons and features in postbit layout
by killerford
17 May 2013 18:24

Few questions

1. I'm using the postbit layout that goes across the top of the post instead of the default layout that goes from the left to the right. I'm wanting to either completely remove the icons of skype, msn, yahoo ect ect that normally goes below your profile details at the bottom. Or move it so the icons so a little after the name.

2. Where do I add more profile fields if the postbit is now going from the top to the bottom instead of the default look. I'm wanting to add 4-5 of my own and remove the Location, Joined date ect so How can I do this?

3. Also want to remove the rep icon in postbit.

4. Is it possible to have the usergroups, ranks, pips going across the profile in the postbit layout instead of down so it's all nicely set out?

Lynne 18 May 2013 18:00

1. AdminCP > Settings > Options > Style & Language Settings > Show Instant Messaging Program Icons > No

2. You will need to edit the postbit template to remove the stuff you don't want. Here is an article on adding profile fields to your postbit - http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=250418

3. Edit the template if you don't want to turn off reputation.

4. You could possibly do that via CSS but we would need a link to see the page.

killerford 18 May 2013 18:50

my forum is tuaclan.com

Lynne 19 May 2013 03:19

You've got your forums locked down so I can't view any threads. I can't help with the issue if I can't see it.

killerford 20 May 2013 00:06

You should be able to see the guest section

Lynne 20 May 2013 17:45

It looks like you set your Ranks to be stackable, so edit the rank and set Stack Rank to No.

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