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Somes images arent showing
by madddenaddicto
05 Jun 2014 15:05

I have this website http://www.iplayfifa.com/vbsoccer.php and some of the team names and flags are missing, is there a way to find out way? I click to upload the images and for those countries it doesnt work.

Please help me.

I need all the names and images to show up.

Thank you.

Disco_Dave 05 Jun 2014 15:22

I had a quick look there, have you checked the folder that all these images are in? Fix the images in your folder and it will fix your problem...

by madddenaddicto
05 Jun 2014 18:47

I uploaded the flags to the folder, but still doesnt work.

Lynne 05 Jun 2014 19:40

So, one of the broken images is here:


Do you see the file 334.png in the /images/vbsoccer/team directory?

madddenaddicto 05 Jun 2014 20:49

Yes, I see it there. Size is 0. I try to upload a flag and nothing happens.

Lynne 05 Jun 2014 23:01

If the size is 0, then you get a blank image like what you see. If you are having problems uploading to your server, then you may need to talk to your host.

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