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vBulletin Mobile Suite 2.6 is Available.
by vB.Org System
15 Sep 2021 16:44

vBulletin Mobile Suite 2.6 Changes

Mobile Suite 2.6 is available to be built via the Mobile Publisher. We have included bundle builds, which are required and only used for new apps on the Google Play Store. For updates to existing apps, please continue to use the included apk builds. For iOS Builds, the Apps have been updated to XCODE 12.

Resolved Issues

  • Images & Attachements disappear in app built with Xcode 12
  • List Private Messages as Threads
  • Images uploaded via Android doesn’t display on Android app
  • Upload attachments to messages
  • Android Version Code is hitting the limit of Max INT
  • Push Notifications - The first private message cannot be loaded successfully
  • New PM push notification should open in message thread
  • My Profile Page - Facebook module displays abnormally.
  • “USER” BBcodes (i.e. “mentions”/“taggings” of usernames, by means of the “@”-sign) show up as source (i.e. not rendered at all) in the mobile app
  • Auto renew expired login session
  • Use license specific keystore for Android build
  • Upgrade Android target API level to 30
  • Forum post list doesn’t roll smoothly
  • Reduce excessive white space (when viewing topics)
  • Allow attached images to be saved on the devices
  • Clicking on username should open the correct user profile
  • Friends Page - A banned user has the action to be banned
  • Fix Notifications - Inbox
  • Pull up the message thread to load new message
  • Forums Page - Pull down to refresh scrolls the GUI down
  • There is no prompt message after submitting request in forgot password
  • Create An Account Page - Connect Using Facebook module displays abnormally
  • Message Post Page - Pop up for max chars needs to be tapped twice
  • Image changing size when typing
  • Double line between comment and post
  • Friends Page - User card appears duplicated


If the Mobile Suite is not available in your language, you can help by providing translations. In order to do this, please see this topic in the vBulletin Support forums.


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