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Facebook Article - February 2014. What do you think?
by tbworld
31 Oct 2014 00:01

Thought this would be fun, to rehash the future of Facebook. I am a frequent world traveler and meet lots of people around the world - I like staying in family owned bed and breakfasts. What I hear from the teenage generation (I still have one), is that it is not cool using Facebook. I won't state my opinion here or my conclusion, so I can save it for the thread. All of my boards are tightly linked with Facebook, and Twitter. What do you think? :)

Facebook turns 10 but are its days numbered?

ozzy47 31 Oct 2014 00:06

Well if it's not cool to use facebook, then I must be cool, as I never have. :)

tbworld 31 Oct 2014 00:17


Originally Posted by ozzy47 (Post 2520695)
Well if it's not cool to use Facebook, then I must be cool, as I never have. :)

The teenagers do not think it is cool. So I am not sure what category you are really in. :)

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