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My UserCP
by MGM
11 Jun 2003 04:06

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What do you guys think of my UserCP (image below)

Would any of you want a template modification of this? Took me hours to make it look right and using Replacements lol

Don't mind some of the extra info like Store and Hotel, those are hacks (as if u didn't know!)

I tried to mimic Invision Board's UserCP, just because it looked so cool :p lol, but I made it different enough so that it fit well into vBulletin

MGM out

Austin Dea 11 Jun 2003 04:08

I think you should use <normalfont> tags around the big text =P

Tony G 11 Jun 2003 08:24

It's nice, but yeah use normalfont tag around the big text.

assassingod 11 Jun 2003 15:26

It's ok. It's just the default one with a vertical CPNav. I also released something like this a few months back

MGM 11 Jun 2003 16:05

normalfont..... i didn't even think of that! lol

MGM out

imported_shane_2k 18 Jun 2003 19:43

hi mate havew u released this template mod i would like this its very nice

MGM 21 Jun 2003 12:03

I was going to, but it seems something similar to this has already been released..... plus, if I plan on releasing it..... ill need to edit it out a bunch of options, which right now I can't do


MGM out

imported_shane_2k 25 Jun 2003 18:43

oh ok
thanks anyway

Zachery 05 Jul 2003 22:18

it looks like invision board

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