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Wanted: Get rid of Vbulletin upgrade notifications on adminCP.
by Telegon80
13 Jan 2006 07:01

please someone make this one. every time i upgrade all my hacks go to hell and i just dont want to upgrade every month.

Omranic 14 Jan 2006 19:10

Switch On/Off Out-of-Date Custom Templates Notifications in admincp

Telegon80 15 Jan 2006 02:05

oh wow u went ahead and coded this. THANKS!!!! :D

ConqSoft 15 Jan 2006 02:12

If you're running 3.5.x, and use plugins, upgrades are easy.

Telegon80 15 Jan 2006 02:19

SolidSnake i think the hack i wanted is the #3 on your sig. maybe u goofed when copy pasting but i dont have a problem with template modifications but the Switch On/Off New vBulletin Version Notification in admincp is more like what im looking for.

thanks! installing now.

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