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vBulletin 3.8.14 with PHP 7.4 support!
by Dr.CustUmz
06 Mar 2021 04:19

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dirtrif.com presents the vBulletin 3 PHP 7 Series

I am doing this in my spare time, free of charge. Releasing this is taking money out of my pocket from a service I would charge to do for a site. so it is up to you, if you appreciate this. Donate to this project here

I can not release this here, although it is something many need, so click the link.

This is NOT a nulled version of vBulletin, in fact this is NOT even a complete version of vBulletin. I understand this is a violation of vBulletin.com's agreement (redistributing files) although, they no longer support their product and users of the vBulletin 3 series deserve updates!

This is a package of every file I have updated to give vBulletin 3 PHP 7.4 Support, along with various other fixes.

I have also updated the AdminCP version check, and News so you will be up to date on any changes brought to vBulletin DRC Edition.

- Before upgrading turn your board off, and disable EVERY product!
- After upgrade, enable products 1 by 1 and check for errors.
- I can NOT guarantee your products will work under PHP 7.4, you may have to live without something.
- If you discover an incompatible product please report it.
- Do not ask me to update a product for free, I have many projects I am working on. If you'd like to hire me to update a product send me a PM.

In order to use these files:
- Download vBulletin 3.8.11 from vBulletin.com's member area
- Copy the contents of this archive, overwriting the contents of the official archive.

Installing / Upgrading:
- Just like any other version of vBulletin.
Install: yoursite.com/install/install.php
Upgrade: yoursite.com/install/upgrade.php
If you need me to do the update for you there is a $75 USD fee which is only half of what vBulletin.com would charge you.

Some notable changes: Other than the nitty gritty of upgrading for PHP 7.4 support
- Google Adsense Publisher ID is now an option
vBulletin Options -> General Settings -> Google AdSense Publisher ID Once set you can adjust your AdSense options as normal.
- Chrome is now a detected browser.
- WYSIWYG Editor now works in Chrome!
- Admin CP News works how it always has, except now news is pulled from dirtrif.com. Allowing you to stay up to date on any changes.
- Version check is also now pulled from dirtrif.com so you are alerted if there is a new update.

If you wish to contribute to this project please send me a PM.

lets see how long this stays up here...

lange 06 Mar 2021 14:00

What was wrong with the WYSIWYG Editor in Chrome?

Dr.CustUmz 06 Mar 2021 14:18

the wysiwyg editor did not work in chrome, this has been a known issue since chrome. I'm not sure why it was never fixed in any official release.

If you are not sure what the editor actually is, open this page in firefox and chrome and compare the editor. (note the right corner in firefox) it offers a live preview of bbcode

boss22 06 Mar 2021 16:04

Nice, but can you do same for vb 4.2.5?

Dr.CustUmz 06 Mar 2021 16:39


Originally Posted by boss22 (Post 2606582)
Nice, but can you do same for vb 4.2.5?

If you need your vb4 upgraded that is a service I offer, vb3 is not as widely used or requested that is why I decided to release this.

boss22 10 Mar 2021 14:16


Originally Posted by Dr.CustUmz (Post 2606584)
If you need your vb4 upgraded that is a service I offer, vb3 is not as widely used or requested that is why I decided to release this.

Not for now - your files works fine
Have you some solution for this to get work with PHP 7.4 ?



yellow_spider 03 May 2021 17:49

The link gives an error currently ?


The requested page could not be found. (Code: invalid_route, controller: -, action: -)

rgxadmn 07 May 2021 12:53

Hello, what is the current status of the project? Also, I am a vBulletin 3.8 lover and thank you very much for this idea, this project, this initiative and this presentation. This is a very beautiful thing. If only, I wish; If vB3 support was continued by vBulletin authorities; then, it wouldn't even be necessary. Thank you.

mr-abdurhman 28 May 2021 19:40

There are no files ...?

Midohash 20 Jul 2021 23:37

Interesting, but the link doesn't open!

Hostboard 04 Aug 2021 01:01

All I found was this...
Not sure if the files are there or if he is still offering them. Maybe more information if you have an account and are logged in to his site?

NSanityHD 26 Sep 2021 16:45

If this is still available and it isn't demanded to be taken down I may have to think about trying this on a test board of 3.8.11 because Windows IIS is awful. The question is is it only PHP that's been updated for it? In other words; what MySQL and Apache/nginx version is supported along with PHP 7.4?

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