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vBulletin 3.6.0 style for vBulletin 2.3.5 upwards
by peterska2
11 Aug 2006 19:53

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Most people will probably be wondering why I am releasing a vB2.3.x style when most people are only interested in what is available for 3.6.0 so here is my reasoning behind it.

It started out as a bit of fun to see if I could still code styles for vB2 a couple of weeks ago when someone asked me about a vB2 replica style. From there, a quick vB2 style was written for them, and the 3.6 version of the classic vB2 style was created. Upon completion of this, I thought about those people who still use vB2 and thought to myself "Why should these users not get a new style every now and then?" so I decided to rewrite the vB3.x style for use on a vB2 board.

While it is different from the vB3 style in some ways due to the huge difference in the way that some things work, to the casual observer, and end users, it looks pretty much exactly like vB3.

The installation instructions, images, and style file are included in the zip.

A live demo is not provided, simply due to the fact that the only place I run vB2 is on my test server. However, a selection of screenshots are provided, and more can be made if requested.

I hope that you enjoy this style.

If you have any support requests, or require any additional modifications to it to work with your site, please let me know via this thread and I'll be happy to do them for you.

peterska2 11 Aug 2006 19:54

reserved for any additional screenshots

Floris 11 Aug 2006 19:55

That looks great! If you are not familiar with vb and look at it you really can't tell the difference throughout the whole board ! good job

UltimateOreo! 23 Mar 2007 02:28

Just noticed this, it's too bad the time that this style was developed, way after people started porting to higher versions. Other than a couple subtle differences, I would think this is a 3.6 board. Awesome job.

gforce75 04 Jun 2007 21:42

Great idea, but why not upgrade to 3.6?

UltimateOreo! 06 Jun 2007 03:40

Some people just don't seem to like newer versions. Sure, they are more secure and better, but the better is just my personal opinion.

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