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vb Shoutbox 1.0 Help -_-!
by Webmasta XT
29 Aug 2002 22:14

ok, i installed the new vbcode.js hack after i installed the shoutbox hack, now the shoutbox smilies stop working, when you click on an smilie, nothing happens.. nothing at all, except it says Error On Page where it suppose to say done.. :banana:

NTLDR 29 Aug 2002 22:17

I've not installed the new javascript, but have you changed the shoutbox textarea in anyway they was required by the mod?

Webmasta XT 29 Aug 2002 22:21

sure did, this is what my textarea of the shoutbox looks like

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Erwin 30 Aug 2002 07:24

For the shoutbox, use the original vBulletin unhacked vbcode.js - just rename it to vbcodeshout.js and rename vbcode.js in the shoutbox template to vbcodeshout.js for it to work.

Webmasta XT 30 Aug 2002 17:17

heh, nice idea, thnx, *why didn't i think of that*

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