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Now What I do
by sunnylikbeckham
15 Mar 2008 20:33

When I create a thread
Staff closed them and suggest me to ask problems in mods thread
i do not get any reply there than what i do


No Reply About That for 4-5 Days
Before purchase , I thought Vbulletin Is Not Only Best In Forum software
But Also In Support
I m Very Happy With Software
But Support
To slow:mad::mad:

Lynne 15 Mar 2008 20:49

Hi sunnylikbeckham, unfortunately you have chosen to install a mod that is "Not Supported" and where the uploader hasn't been online since December 2007. This means you really need to rely on the help of other users who have installed the software successfully. Usually, the best thing to do is to reread the instructions and make sure you followed them completely.

Also, you don't say which version of vb you are running, but notice that the mod is in the 3.5 forums. Did you read the thread to see if people have successfully installed it on a vb forum running version 3.6.8 (which you probably run as a new user)?

sunnylikbeckham 15 Mar 2008 20:55

See My Closed Threads About Itrader
I asked Same Question To Them That I need Itrader Of 3.6.8
But They Gave Me Link And Said It Supports 3.6.8
Any Problem Reply There
Do Not Create A thread Related Modifications
And Thread Closed
So From For Many Days,Daily I Visit And Check That Post
Any Reply Related My Problem
Today I decide To Create In the End

Marco van Herwaarden 16 Mar 2008 10:42

Creating yet another thread on the same topic will not help much, especially if posted in the Big Board Discussions forum.

Your best chance if you really want to have that specific modification running is still to wait for another member who can help you out in the modification thread.

Closing this thread.

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