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HTML comments
by Dean C
11 Jun 2003 14:33


The other day when coding a layout up for a client i was playing with the table to get different effects and i began placing comments in my footer just to show to myself where i'm closing the tables.


<!-- comment here -->
However i made a big mistake when i only used this code:


<!-- comment here ->
I didn't realise the mistake at the time and the page loads suddently stopped and just freezed. I was horrified as i thought it was just a server problem then when the client reported the same error i began to get worried. I freaked out thinking someone had tampered with the files or there was some bug on the server or something. But after all it was all due to this mistyped comment. Be careful kids as this can happen to you too ;)

- miSt

filburt1 11 Jun 2003 14:43

More importantly, put comments in rather than being scared of the remote possibilities that you'll end up like poor Dean here ;) :p

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