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CommBull (Community Bulletin)
by grandeur_69
20 Jun 2004 08:17

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vb3.5 Commbull
vb3.6 Commbull

The 3.6 version is a commercial product, any queries on it should be submitted to: vb3.6 Support Site


[valid point]
it's been brought to my attention that not everyone knows what this is ... fair enough: This hack is considered a "weekly newsletter" by the fact that it will email members (only sent by an admin) who have opted to receive it new posts, hot threads, etc ... basically a summary of what has been going on since the last time the newsletter was sent out. However there is a vast number of options, and I won't go into detail of all of them ... you can view the the images that I've attached, but u will only get a full idea by installing it.
I would say that there is 0 risk of this installation doing any damage to your current install as these are the changes that it does (manually and automatically):
- change profile.php and admincp/index.php
- add a couple columns to user table (receivebulletin and receivebulletin_type)
- add some phrases to phrase table (receive_email_from_commbull, type_email_from_commbull, newsletterformat, commbul)
- add a row to datastore table (commbull)
- add some html to nav template for admin side
So, if you are unhappy with the install. you can just ignore that it's there and it'll never cause any problems ... your next upgrade will overwrite any changes to the index and profile pages and the extra columns in the DB won't be an issue

[mods that i've added from vB2 version]
- to change languages, comment/uncomment line 22 and 23 to switch from English to German
- save prefs (option)
- skip to page X in case of mailout freeze
- auto redirect to next page (option)
- adding personalized text to top of newsletter w/out searching through the two text & html fields ... u'll c what i mean :ermm:

drop the 3 files into the admincp directory and then go to admincp/commbull.php ... follow the instructions and you are good to go.
If you find that the option isn't showing up on the control panel after the install, then it's because you aren't using the default phrases. Go into phrase manager, search for 'commbull' and update the fields appropriately.

If something goes wrong, don't worry .. it checks for already completed updates to the database to avoid redundancy ... enjoy!!

MrNase 20 Jun 2004 09:35

Very nice, i will use this :)

(One little typo on the third screenshot -> "Number of hreads to include [...]")

sabret00the 20 Jun 2004 10:15

is a screenshot of the email available?

The Realist 20 Jun 2004 11:14

Ignore: Read it wrong.

The Realist 20 Jun 2004 11:25

Installed and working 100%.

Well done.

The Realist 20 Jun 2004 11:38

One problem when it posts the final bulletin to the forum.

Its all over the place and it sticks huge gaps between the sections.

Prince 20 Jun 2004 15:23

I just found another problem in the HTML vesion (text version is fine):

In the "user info" section it reads "New Info:" instead of "User Info:" and I cannot find this phrase anywhere. I have looked through both PHP files.

Action-N 20 Jun 2004 18:55

So am I to understand you are now useing vBulletin to handle the phrases, I certianly hope so. I only got V,s when I tried the beta install. If you are then I'll give it another try.

Just gave it a shot, even though I already had parts left from beta installed. Installation went smooth with no errors. Best part is it all works great, but I think I may want to customize the html email format. Great job, definately worth the effort to install this

grandeur_69 20 Jun 2004 19:45

HTML post to forum: vB adds <br /> after each /n /r even when viewing HTML, but i think i've repaired that

HTML version: hmm, i'll look into it. It might be that i grabbed the phrase (or combination of phrases) from the vBphrases ... yup, found it! thanx

vb phrases: i'm using both, same as before. I use vB phrases wherever i can, but it didn't want to enter the data directly into the DB because of possible conflicts and different configurations between each user's vB.

Note: found a glitch with the saving of features ... recommend updating all three files

adhari_com 21 Jun 2004 07:04

perfect work .. thanx grandeur!

Intex 21 Jun 2004 10:35

Superb work grandeur_69. I was waiting for this :cool:. I'll add to my install list.

mikeB 21 Jun 2004 15:05

Is there an easy mod to make it auto click the next page button? in the last one there was and when you have 30,000+ members that next button becomes a task - thx!

mikeB 21 Jun 2004 15:26

I get this error:

Invalid SQL: SELECT a.dateline, u.username FROM adminlog a LEFT JOIN user u USING(userid) WHERE action='sent bulletin' ORDER BY dateline DESC LIMIT 0,1
mysql error: Table 'XXXXX.adminlog' doesn't exist

and on install it errored on the top 2 commands

mikeB 21 Jun 2004 15:27

User table altered... Failed (Possibly already updated)
User table altered... Failed (Possibly already updated)
Phrase table updated (profile.php 1 of 3)...Already Update
Phrase table updated (profile.php 2 of 3)...Already Update
Phrase table updated (profile.php 3 of 3)...Already Update
Phrase table updated (admincp/index.php) ...Already Update

grandeur_69 21 Jun 2004 16:38

Mikey ...
1. - to your first post, yes ... you didn't look hard enough because it's an option.
2. - why don't you have an adminlog, it's part of vB3?
3. - that's normal if u've tried to install it twice, or you had it installed with vB2

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