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Avatar in footer instead of the name
by Anakior
22 Aug 2014 05:09


I search on the forum but i didn't find exactly what i looking for.

I'm trying to put avatar instead of the name in the loggedin footer.

I found the template but i don't understand how i could add some variable in the loggedin rows to add them.

Someone can explain me how it works?

Thank you in advance !

ozzy47 22 Aug 2014 10:21

Do you mean in the What's Going On block, where it shows the Currently Active Users?

If so I would seriously reconsider wanting to do that, as it adds alot of resources to the server, and uses more bandwidth.

Anakior 23 Aug 2014 05:15

Yes i can understand that but since this is my own server and that i didn't have a lot of member, i don't think this will be a true issue.

And i only want it on the forumhome, not in the thread.

Can you show me how to achieve that?

I already know how to make plugin and module but i don't understand how i can extend a already a loop like that.

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