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User4 profile - posts per day
by Bankfodder
05 Feb 2015 09:06

Somewhere there is a mod which allows the display of xx.yy posts per day on a User's profile page.

Could someone point me to it please - or is it already built into VB??? and I have missed it?

Thanks very much

Daniel 05 Feb 2015 09:37

This is built into vB4. Click on a profile, look at the About Me tab, and see it under "Statistics"

Bankfodder 05 Feb 2015 09:48

Thanks for this. You wouldn't think that I had been managing a VB forum since 2006, would you???

However, I've been looking at the about me of my own profile and it doesn't display that info at all. I suppose that this means that I have to configure it to display somewhere.
Have you any ideas where? I've had a rummage through the admin options and I can't find it.

Daniel 05 Feb 2015 10:03

Do you have a default (non-edited) theme to look at?

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