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Colouring issues
by Korinth
01 Jan 2008 03:31

Hi to all of you, I'm new to both here and vBulletin.

I have been changing the site appearance to my taste and it is going good so far except for a couple of little problems.

First problem is that the bar with user Cp, Blog, FAQ and go on have this blue edge to it, I cannot get it off, so how do I do this?

Secondly, at the bottom of the board where you see the bars with information such as “all times are gmt” and the “Contact us, Sovin Nai, Admin” and “powered by [email protected] version beta 3.7” is a lighter gray, I'm trying to turn it into the dark gray colour, so the bar won't be visible.

The address is http://sovin-nai.org/forums just so you can see it first hand, especially that blue edge!

How do i select a gradient? I have uploaded one for the main background, so instead of putting in #b2981d and that kind of thing, I need to write in the location of the gradient. Tried url/image/gradien/background.jpg etc.

Aken 05 Jan 2008 07:29

For the blue edge on the navbar, that table uses the Table Border class in your Main CSS area. Look for the box that says Table Border and .tborder, and edit that as you see fit.

The background colors for those two boxes near the bottom can be changed using the Table Footer area (.tfoot) in your Main CSS area also.

To use an image as a background, the following format should be used:

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

#5C7099 defines the color underneath the image.
url(images/gradients/gradient_thead.gif) defines the location of the image.
repeat-x specifies that the image should repeat horizontally.
top left defines that the background should start at the top left corner.

Korinth 06 Jan 2008 04:02

Found the problem for the blue border, they add this thing called extra CSS attributes and I changed the colour there. Problem fixed now.

As for body and page background, I put in #222222 url(images/gradients/background.jpg) repeat-x and it only partially work. Only the top part shows the gradient.

The footer thing still does not work, all it does is show the gradient in the little gap between the border and the words, I have left it that way so you can see for your self.

Look at mark forums read / view and forums leader at the bottom and notice the little black strip, that is what I got after changing the footer to the same colour, still see the gray in the word area. The same goes for the contact us/sovin nai/admin bar at the bottom.

At least I'm getting somewhere with your help :P

p.s. is there a way to make the gradient stretch instead of repeat tiles?

ndut 08 Jan 2008 20:05

is there somebody can help me, how to make different colors in member id?
for example, male member has blue colour in their user id and female has pink in the user id?


Aken 09 Jan 2008 11:07

Korinth: It looks like you have a background color set for the Small Font section of your CSS. If you remove it, it will fix the footer and Mark Forums Read bar background issue. If you don't wish to remove it due to it complicating other parts of your style, you can edit the templates directly to fix it. I can tell you how if you like. I'd recommend removing it from the CSS.

As for the background, first let me say that I'm not sure if you're confused or not, but the background you are trying to use is not a gradient. It's just a square image that can be tiled as a background.

If you are trying to get that image to go across the entire background, do the following: first, remove the background from the PAGE area, as it is not necessary. Then in your BODY CSS box, remove the "repeat-x". It will make the background repeat everywhere all across your site.

Hope that gets you further :)

Korinth 13 Jan 2008 12:31

Thank you for replying Aken, yes I was confused about what a gradient is. I thought it means a square image that is to be used for background images and the such. After following your instructions for the background, it worked perfectly.

When I cleared out the small font section, it fixed the bar issues for all the areas below the forums, which is just perfect as well except that the mark forums read / view forum leaders now have this gold background. When I add a colour in small fonts, the bar below the forums show up again, but it fixes the mark forums read / view forum leader. Small fonts is related to both, so since it fixes the problem at the bottom most area, I have decided to leave it at that.

I tried changing colour in footer which also fixes the problem for mark forums read / view forums leaders section but also gives the bars to all the bottom sections of the forums. Exact same results from editing small fonts.

Can you have a look at my site again, so you can see how it looks now, with the gold background for mark forums read / view forums leaders section. That is the only problem I need to fix now.

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