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Mobile view CSS error
by Mboora
21 Feb 2021 21:47

Can someone tell me what I need to add/remove to ensure that forum descriptions are shown on mobile view?

Missing descriptions on mobile view of my site: https://prnt.sc/1035hoa

Also, can someone please tidy up the below code? I don't know if it can deliver the same output but be shorter in code?

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napy8gen 26 Feb 2021 22:07

try this, paste it into your css_additional.css
styles> style manager> style name> edit templates> css templates> css_additional.css


.l-small .forum-list-container .forum-item .cell-forum .forum-desc{display:block!important}
for css compress you can use this https://cssminifier.com/

Mboora 27 Feb 2021 22:28

Thanks but I need a human as much better.

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