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query_read error?
by subnet_rx
09 Sep 2007 00:33

I'm using this code

$outcomes = $db->query_read("SELECT SUM(outcomes) FROM picks_groups");

And getting this error:
Fatal error: Call to a member function query_read() on a non-object

Can I not use SUM with query_read?

Cole2026 09 Sep 2007 00:40

Try either

a. Putting the code global $db; before you use it.
b. Use $vbulletin->db instead of $db.

subnet_rx 09 Sep 2007 01:05

Didn't work, I'm using this function several times in this script and it hasn't given me any problems till now.

EDIT: Never mind, I put global $db in the actual function and I no longer get the error. I no longer get any output either, but that could be due to some logic problem. Thanks.

Marco van Herwaarden 09 Sep 2007 10:06

Chage query_read() to query_first().

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