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BOTM Winner's Thread: Volume 2 (AKA BOTM Hall of Fame)
by BirdOPrey5
01 Mar 2015 17:13

Starting with the January 2015 winner all BOTM Winners will now be listed in this thread.
The most recent winner will be posted on top, bumping the older wins down a notch each month.

Board of the Month Hall of Fame


December 2015
Site Name: Ignorance Denied
URL: http://www.ignorancedenied.com
Won by default.

October / November 2015
Site Name: Christforums
URL: https://www.christforums.org
Won with 6 voted.

August / September 2015
Site Name: RUOfficial? | West Coast Entertainment
URL: http://www.RUOfficial.com
Won with 9 votes.

June / July 2015
Site Name: The Swarm
URL: http://www.the-swarm.net
Won with 6 votes.

April / May 2015
Site Name: MsXLabs Forum
URL: http://www.msxlabs.org/forum/
Won with 6 votes.

February / March 2015
Site Name: IT Learning & Entertainment - XiTCLUB
URL: http://www.xitclub.com
Won with 9 votes.

January 2015
Site Name: Gatorchatter.com
URL: http://gatorchatter.com
Won with 6 votes.

BirdOPrey5 01 Jan 2016 10:46

Two new winners announced!

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