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DannyITR 25 Oct 2011 15:25

Almost every day I have a post that I cannot approve no matter what. It has to be physically removed. Why does this keep happening.

baileyjojoms 26 Oct 2011 20:02

I have had this installed for about 4 months now. In this past week alone it has prevented 197 spammer registrations. Using VB 4.1.7! Keep up the great work!

StonePilot 27 Oct 2011 19:35


Originally Posted by caracena (Post 2194863)
BTW what I don't know is what will happen to that specific user from now on. If his IP, address and username was sent to the spammers DBs, I think you will have to go to each one of those two sites and send a letter to their webmasters or something. I didn't see any "send good infor about this user to spammers lists" button anywhere in this addon.

I never did this, but I still have the database backup. Is there anyway to insert the threads and posts from that user back into the database? Maybe use the new user ID for the member?

It's about 10,000 posts and some of the threads were very good topics.

DannyITR 27 Oct 2011 20:10

Anyone else have the problem of posts you can't approve?

fusionpot 27 Oct 2011 21:45

all i see on the bottom of my forums is

Spam-O-Matic StatisticsSpam-O-Matic Statistics

no stats at all, will they show up once i block spam or should it show 0 for all the groups?

ForceHSS 27 Oct 2011 22:35

it will start to show stats when a user is blocked trying to register

orangefive 28 Oct 2011 20:56

Marked as installed @ www.thewoollybacks.co.uk vb 4.1.7 - thanks!!!

Mr Peabody 28 Oct 2011 21:28


Originally Posted by DannyITR (Post 2262116)
Anyone else have the problem of posts you can't approve?

No but I do have a problem where no matter what "Auto-Moderation: URL Count" is set to IE I've got it set to 5, it still adds new users to the moderation cue even if they only post 1 link.

orangefive 28 Oct 2011 23:39

Are there logs anywhere? Only installed tonight and got 3 already so would like to see proof - not dissing the mod at all but would like to be able to report.

orangefive 28 Oct 2011 23:43

ignore my previous post - all sorted now and this mod rocks!!!!

Megaboost 29 Oct 2011 00:56

This works fine on my 4.1.7 and finds spammers almost every day. This is such an Awesome Mod.

Antolio 31 Oct 2011 16:24

I'm having trouble.. It's counting EVERYTHING as spam?

charlesr 03 Nov 2011 17:31

Has anyone tried installing this fresh on 4.1.7?

I've just set up a test instance for 4.1.7 and all my other products work so far, but this one gives the following when I try and import the xml file (after having uploaded the relevant folders):

EDIT: I get the same error for the limited guest viewing product. I can't see anything wrong though - I have MyISAM as my default storage engine (I actually don't have InnoDB at all). I'm off to check the manual (mysql version 5.5.16), but if anyone has any ideas in the mean time, please post away.

EDIT2: The 5.0 manual suggests TYPE is deprecated and it should say ENGINE, but that TYPE is supported. There is no mention of TYPE in the 5.5 manual.

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FannBlade 03 Nov 2011 18:07

I'm running it on 4.1.7 with no problems. Loaded right up and works very well for me.

charlesr 04 Nov 2011 08:52

Changing TYPE to ENGINE in a few places in the XML before import worked fine.

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