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F.A.Q Thread
by Tigga
04 Jan 2005 01:52

This thread will cover frequently asked questions and common problems with the CMPS. Please be sure to read over the posts in here before asking for help.

Tigga 04 Jan 2005 01:56

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Q. I get an error like this when I go to my cmps_index.php file:
Warning: chdir() [function.chdir]: No such file or directory (errno 2) in /home/yoursite/html/adv_index.php on line 8

A.The path to your forums directory is set incorrectly.
Download the attachment found at the bottom of this post.

Upload that file to your server into your 'forums' folder and go to it in your browser. You will see a list of options that were set by your host. One of them is called:


Copy that path, paste it over what you currently have for your path in the cmps_index.php file, and then remove the trailing '/' from the end. Reupload your cmps_index.php file.

Tigga 04 Jan 2005 01:58

Q. I use my forums in the root directory, how can i also use vBadvanced?

Step 1
Rename vB's default index.php to forums.php or forum.php or ANYTHING.php

Step 2
Login to your Admin CP and go to vBulletin Options > Forums Home Page Options > Script Name for Forum Home Page
Change this to match what you called your default vBulletin index file. Do not include the .php extension though as it's not nessary.
Save the options.

Step 3
You may now comment out or remove the chdir line in your cmps_index.php file as it's no longer nessary. Rename the file to index.php, upload it to your server, and you're done. :)

Tigga 04 Jan 2005 02:02

Q. Some images still appear as broken on vBadvanced.

A. If it is your icons and smilies, upload the install file, go to it in your browser, and select the option to update your image paths from there. If the script is unable to update your paths for you then you will need to update them manually.
If it is the buttons/logo/etc, make sure you have updated your image path for each style with a full path (this was one of the first steps in the readme file).

Tigga 04 Jan 2005 02:03

Q. Now that I've installed this script I'm having problmes logging in/out!

A. Try clearing your cookies. If you're still having problems afterwards, go to your Admin CP, click on vBulletin Options, and edit your Cookie Domain (listed under Cookies and HTTP Header Options). Change that option to ".yoursite.com" (note the two dots!).
Once you change that, close all browser windows, clear your cookies again, and then try to log in/out again.

Tigga 04 Jan 2005 02:04

Q.The calendar on my CMPS pages appears to be broken or larger than the other modules.

A.Please check that you made the modifications to your functions.php and functions_calendar.php files as specified in the readme file, plus the changes to the templates.

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