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Looking for a mod...explained inside
by PachiUniverse
23 Jul 2009 18:35

I'm looking for a mod for the user profile where users can input their address in a field, but only users with X amount of posts can view it. This will be used for sending surprise gifts between users. I tried searching but I don't know what to call something like this. Thanks

toadyd 23 Jul 2009 21:36

Do you have/plan on having any more private profile fields?

If you create a new custom profile field you can set it as private.
Then duplicate your registered users usergroup but change 'can view private member profile fields' to yes, then set up a promotion so when users reach X amount of posts they are automatically promoted to your new group.

Problem solved, unless you have multiple private custom fields and only want to display certain ones.

PachiUniverse 23 Jul 2009 22:01

gotcha. Thanks so much!

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