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Forum nav links and page navigation formatting
by BonsaiNut
25 Oct 2011 15:10

How do I control formatting for these two areas of the forum (see image)

(1) This section of the forums do not appear to have any stylevars(?) How do I turn on / turn off this forum navigation shortcut, and how do I format its background and font? The only place it is mentioned in the Forum Stylevars visual dictionary it is a typo - they say that it is pagetitle_link_color, but that stylevar controls something completely different.

(2) I know how to format the pagination section - to a point. I can't seem to format its background (a holding shape to allow it to pop off the site background). Additionally I can't seem to control its placement. On some pages it hovers directly above the pagetitle_border. On some pages it intersects the pagetitle_border (as pictured). I would like to be able to either give it a solid color background, or control its placement.

Thanks for your help! I have looking at this for hours and can't figure it out.


Lynne 25 Oct 2011 17:55

1 You can look up all the breadcrumb stuff in vbulletin-chrome.css. Some of the stylevars used are lightweightbox_background, imodhilite_backgroundColor, linkhover_color, etc.

2 You could add something to your additional.css to give it a background color. Something like:

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That is the same CSS class you would use to modify the position.

BonsaiNut 25 Oct 2011 21:24

Thank you Lynne :) I'll take a peek and see what I can come up with :) I appreciate the help!

BonsaiNut 28 Oct 2011 16:06

Ok, I put an background color behind the pagination, but I am not 100% satisfied with the results. It looks like a wart sticking out of the top of my pagetitle :) So I thought - ah! I will just create a solid color yellow image, use it for the pagetitle_background, and then shift it upwards to lie behind the pagination. Then I will have a nice horizontal block of color!

But I cannot seem to get ANY image to show in my pagetitle_background. I have tried using gif images, png images, jpeg images, and they don't show up. I have tried setting the background color to transparent, white or black, and it makes no difference. All I see is a transparent block in the middle of my pagetitle. I can link directly to my image via a browser window, so I know I have my image path in there correctly. I remove the image path and I can go back to solid colors and everything works fine. The second I add an image it defaults to transparent.

Any idea?


Lynne 28 Oct 2011 16:59

You are adding an image how? We can't debug something if we don't see the exact code you were adding.

BonsaiNut 28 Oct 2011 20:46


Originally Posted by Lynne (Post 2262360)
You are adding an image how? We can't debug something if we don't see the exact code you were adding.

Sorry. I am doing this in admincp. "Styles and Templates". "Style Manager". Under the stylevar pagetitle_background. There is an entry "background image". I am entering the direct link to the image on my website that I would like to use in this stylevar (it is a solid color block 1920 x 40 pixels).

There are other options like "background repeat" (leave blank) "units" (leave blank) "horizontal offset" (leave blank) "vertical offset" (leave blank).

When I use this stylevar and select a "background color" everything works fine. When I use this stylevar and select "background image" I get a transparent box (as in the image above).

Lynne 29 Oct 2011 01:00

You cannot enter a direct link to the image. It needs to look like this (take a look at other background image fields and you will see):

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BonsaiNut 29 Oct 2011 01:14

Thanks Lynne! As always, I knew it had to be user error :)

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