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I searched for this but cannot find...
by MaDCaT75
26 Oct 2003 01:26

A hack for vbulletin 2.3.0 that I can charge members via paypal to be a registered member. I looked for such a hack but cannot find it. Any help is appreciated.

DrkFusion 26 Oct 2003 04:09

I believe there is a paid hack called vB Trader. Not 100% on that. There is no released hack, but you can easily learn by researching the following topics at Paypal.com
- IPN (Instant Payment Notification)
- Selling on your site
- Shopping Carts


Koutaru 26 Oct 2003 06:23

I don't believe a hack like this exists. I may be wrong though. I thought vBTrader was just an auction hack.

insanctus 26 Oct 2003 07:52

Upgrade to vb3 and it is simple.

MaDCaT75 26 Oct 2003 08:21


Originally Posted by insanctus
Upgrade to vb3 and it is simple.

Maybe when I ask you to put it on my forum :p

amykhar 26 Oct 2003 14:54

MadCat, this is really not the forum for "help me find this hack" threads. This forum is for the discussion of hacking issues- code snippets, ideas to get started, etc.



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