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vbenhancer 08 May 2010 21:01

selfish Ryan, keeping important information to yourself...


looks like i'll keep my icecream for myself

Zachariah 08 May 2010 23:46

You know it does sound like an RPG game.

My two handed weapon does 1d100 damage with 3d4 + modifier with a 40% change to hit
- minus 10% chance to hit if its raining
+ 15% chance to hit when drunk

mikey1991 09 May 2010 22:24


Originally Posted by Marco van Herwaarden (Post 2033633)
I do understand your question borbole, and i also sometimes scratch my head over the level of questions asked by people who already did release some work.

But not everything in life can be explained. Sometimes you must just accept things and move on.

If we had rep, I would rep you ;)

Boofo 09 May 2010 22:36


Originally Posted by borbole (Post 2033340)
I am not talking about mod releases, but questions asked at the forum about the simplests of things. Hence my wondering&confusion as to why someone that holds the coder title should ask something as simple as that even a newbe wouldn''t have asked.

They all felt sorry for me at the time. :(

ChopSuey 10 May 2010 04:49


Originally Posted by Boofo (Post 2034290)
They all felt sorry for me at the time. :(

We all feel sorry for the new people hehe. :D

Boofo 10 May 2010 05:24

New? I've been around long enough to make quite a few enemies. ;)

ChopSuey 10 May 2010 10:40


Originally Posted by Boofo (Post 2034376)
New? I've been around long enough to make quite a few enemies. ;)

Hope im not one of them, i mean for the new people to vBulletin and coming here asking questions and what not.

Boofo 10 May 2010 10:59

Give me time, I'm sure you will despise me like the rest of them. I tend to have that affect on people AND animals. ;)

also a dumb question
by asus78
05 Aug 2010 02:43

Where do i find out about the mods vbulletin is using?

I want to have a similar submission page for each usergroups with ratings and suggestions for art of the month.

Does anybody know how to implement that?


Marco van Herwaarden 05 Aug 2010 04:08

Most modifications vBulletin.org uses are not released. There are some similar released however, please see the modification section.

PS This question has been asked and answered many times.

lagkdok 02 Sep 2010 13:07

that's helpful , thanks

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