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Display threads of Sub-Categories on main website
by GeekStep
13 Jun 2009 01:57

I have with my partner a website portal with vb forum as a part of it.

There are several sub-categories in the forum that I want to display in the website.

Different sub-categories will show on different pages of the main portal.

Lets say, I have webmaster related portal about SEO, Web designing, Programming and Article Writing. I also have a discussion forum on that portal and that forum has a main category - Webmaster News. In this main category there are 4 different sub-categories - web designing, programming,etc

Now, when there any new thread created on any of these four subcategories, I want those threads to display on the main portal (same section - say if a new thread is created in web designing sub-category, then web designing page would display that new thread).

That way, I want to show latest 15 threads of each sub-category.

This is for all VB Experts!
Any help is appreciated. I am also willing to pay!


Dismounted 13 Jun 2009 06:46

Any kind of proper implementation will depend on the portal you are using. However, if you are competent in PHP/MySQL, you can give it a crack yourself: query the thread table to fetch the thread title, as well as first post's ID. Use this ID to join a specific post onto the query.

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