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Admin CP Quick Links
by cono1717
08 Jul 2009 18:57

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This mod is extremely simple. I just put a list of the tasks that I commonly use and put them at the top of my admin CP.

It will work on all versions of vBulletin.

NOTE: You cannot install this mod, to activate you need to upload the XML file to the following directory. /includes/xml Then refresh your admin cp page and your done.

See extremely simple!

djbaxter 08 Jul 2009 20:59

Care to share what links are added? Are they configurable?

Edit: Never mind.

1. I see from the XML file that the links added are
  • Search For User
  • Ban A User
  • Style Manager
  • View Infactions
2. Adding or changing these can be done by editing the XML file.

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