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Restrict attachments by user
by PitchouneN64ngc
12 Mar 2007 18:22

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This modification allows you to forbid users (aka leechers) form downloading attachments.

You have 2 options: activate this system and define userids of users.

I think there is no screenshot needed, because when you are forbid to download attachments, you have a no-permission page.

And since version 1.1.0, thumbnails of forbid attachments are replaced by links :)

This is 1 product with 2 plugins and 4 options (with 9 phrases for options).

Enjoy ;)


1.0.0: First release
1.1.0: Add the option to select forumids interact with userids

Hornstar 13 Mar 2007 00:05

how about restrict certain userids for a specific forum. and allow a moderator to choose which userids have access to download for that forum. just an idea.


PitchouneN64ngc 13 Mar 2007 12:40

I have this idea this morning at my job, but for a specific attachmentid ^^

I will check this for adding your idea ;)

PitchouneN64ngc 14 Mar 2007 13:14

Updated to version 1.1.0 (see first post) ;)

Atakan KOC 25 Mar 2007 18:51


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