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Could I have done this an easier way?
by UberDoober
09 May 2008 03:47

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I'm a couple of months into running my first board and still quite new at this...

I wanted to do a member of the month type award with a special graphic by the user's name and avatar. I looked all over for a mod or code that would do that for me and came up empty.

I looked at the Ranks system and thought if I made a new usergroup that used ranks (my others don't), that I could include a picture that way. I went through the whole process of creating and testing new special usergroup that exactly matched my main usergroup and assigned one rank for anybody that was in that group then moved the member who won the "most interesting" award into it. I also changed the text color on his name. When his month in the spotlight is over, I'll just move him back to the original normal group

The results came out okay. I would prefer the picture show below the user's avatar but it's good enough where it is. It is nice that the graphic shows when viewing that member's profile.

I'd like to have at least four other special awards. Do I have to create unique usergroups for each of them? Even if you do a "copy permissions from" there are still of lot of things to set and test until everything works identical.

Is there another way I could have accomplished the same results? Or did I do okay?


ChU v2 09 May 2008 04:04


UberDoober 09 May 2008 05:03

Thanks for the link.

I reviewed it and decided pass. Feature overkill for me, not completely supported in Gold and something else to have to worry about at upgrade time.

I guess unless there is something wrong with the method I used, other than making sure users can transfer in and out of a custom usergroup without issue, then I'll just stick with it.

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