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Easy Forms v4.x - Create a form or multiple forms without php or html knowledge
by bananalive
28 Jan 2010 12:55

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Easily create forms with no HTML or PHP knowledge. Questions can be made compulsory and are checked before the form is submitted. Forms can be previewed. (You can create multiple forms)

There are two posts full of screenshots of this modificationInstallation
  1. Download and then extract .zip archive
  2. Upload the contents of upload folder to forum root
    (Allow Overwrite "YES" for overwrite)
    clientscript\easyforms.css -> \clientscript\
    clientscript\easyforms.js -> \clientscript\
  3. Import product file (product-easyforms v4.0.xml) in admincp
    AdminCP -> Plugins & Products -> Manage Products -> [Add/Import Product]
  4. Change usergroups permissions at:
    AdminCP -> vBulletin Options -> Easy Form Options
Question Types:
  • Single line text
  • Multi-line text
  • Multi-select checkboxes
  • Single-select radio buttons
  • Single Select Dropdown
  • Yes/No
  • Multi-line text field using vbeditor
  • Human verification question
  • Custom Question (can query database or do whatever you want using php and html)
  • Date (month/ day/ year fields)
  • Address
  • Scale
Form can Submit to:
  • new thread in forum
  • new post in thread
  • new pm to user
  • email address
  • save to database
More Features:
  • Form list categories (optional)
  • Preview form (can disable for individual forms)
  • Optional questions
  • Form Sections
  • Prefix support - you can choose which prefix you want thread to have
  • Different thread/pm title to form title with variables {username} {userid} and {q_1} (replacing 1 with appropriate question number)
  • Poll Options: Multiple choice, public vote, poll question, poll options, poll timeout
  • Regular expression match for single line text input field
  • Usergroup permissions per form
  • Forumid/threadid/username can be specified by input via {value=X} in dropdown, single line input or radio buttons
  • Multiple dropdown select for form usergroup permissions (still optional - leave blank to not use)
  • Option to show link to form list in navbar and quick links (separate options)
  • Import/ Export your forms as XML files - great for transferring forms across forums or creating backups
  • Specify bbcode for questions/ answers/ sections for the form's output
  • Form Hooks: (uses php code)
    1. Before form submitted
      Useful for: your own form validation, multiple form outputs, etc.
    2. At form start
      Useful for: banning userids/usergroups from form, setting minimum post count,etc.
  • Attachments allowed for posting new thread
  • Mass Copy Forms & their questions
  • Quiz Mode
Support this Modification
  • Click 'Marked as Installed'
  • Rate it 'Excellent'
  • Consider a donation

bananalive 28 Jan 2010 12:57

Version History
4.0.0 (28 January 2010)
- Port of v3.x version

4.0.1 (28 January 2010)
- Fixed some css styling issues
- Fixed custom output issue

4.0.3 (19 February 2010)
- Added question & description to vb editor fields and human verification field
- Fixed import form
- Added tabindex to all fields
- Added {bbuserinfo.X} for use in custom output and thread title
- Changed unanswered questions into bullet points
- Added option to change date field between day/month/year and month/day/year

4.0.4 (28 March 2010)
- Redone styling
- Fixed issue with date feld

4.0.6 (29 March 2010)
- Question reference added for use instead of question hashes
- Field minimum length added for single/multi text fields and vb editor
- Added all options avaliable for questions in 'Edit Question' in 'Add Question'

4.0.7 (2 April 2010)
- Fixed issue with checkboxes resulting in error at top of page relating to [path]/includes/functions_editor.php line 555
- Enabled use of list bbcode in Form Description
- Added check for options per rows is not zero
- Prevented maxlength being zero

4.0.8 (4 April 2010)
- Added bold, italic, underline, question, answer and other variables dropdowns for easier editing of the custom output
- Date Format in form output can now be fully customized using rules of date()

4.0.9 (29 April 2010)
- Can't remember :p

4.1.0 (11 May 2010)
- Can edit Form Results stored in database
- Can use bbcode for radio buttons/ check buttons
- Fixed form results poll for multi-language yes/no questions
- Some other minor tweaks

4.1.1 (16 May 2010)
- Fixed editing form result issue when 'Form Submit Limit' is reached
- Added additional permissions for editing form results and for deleting form results
- Added permission setting to allow all users the ability to view/edit/delete their result stored in database
- Added option of which question types NOT to display in Form Results Poll
- Enable bbcode parsing on Form Results Poll

4.1.6 (18 July 2010)
- Fixed editing form result issue when 'Form Submit Limit' is reached again
- Form Results as Poll bars are now sorted by %
- Added address field
- Allowed switching of questions between Dropdown and Radio buttons
- Other minor fixes

4.1.7 (29 August 2010)
- Change width of dropdown <select>
- Added hide label
- Other minor fixes

- 'vBulletin Options -> Easy Form Options' usergroup permissions have been made easier.
- New option of only allowing users to edit/delete their own forms.
- Collapsible Form Categories
- New buttons at top of Form for easy editing/ result viewing
- Other minor fixes

4.2.0 (19 January 2011)
- New question type - scale

4.2.1 (24 January 2011)
- New question type - grid (upto 4 columns; unlimited rows)

4.2.2 (25 January 2011)
- Fixed Form Results Table/Poll issue with Grid Questions
- Fixed Form Results displaying properly
- Added easy navigation buttons at top of pages

4.2.6 (15 March 2011)
- Styling for vB v4.1.2
- Quiz Mode
- JS Re-arrange options

bananalive 28 Jan 2010 12:57

4 Attachment(s)
Form Results as Table
Attachment 111295

Creating a New Form
Attachment 111296

Easy Forms Options
Attachment 111297

Easy Forms link in Quick Links
Attachment 111298

More screenshots in post below

bananalive 28 Jan 2010 12:58

10 Attachment(s)

Editing a Form

Attachment 111284
Attachment 111285
Attachment 111286
Attachment 111287

Editing a Question
Attachment 111288

Forms List
Attachment 111289
Attachment 111290

Viewing a Form
Attachment 111291

Forms Tab in navbar
Attachment 111292

Form Results displayed like a Poll
Attachment 111293

messengermatt 28 Jan 2010 13:05


Originally Posted by bananalive (Post 1968865)
reserved post for attachments

Screenshots would be an added bonus too

DjEddie 28 Jan 2010 13:16

is this able to import the xml of the forms from the vb 3 versions?

beduino 28 Jan 2010 13:20


Originally Posted by messengermatt (Post 1968867)
Screenshots would be an added bonus too

maybe see in this topic helps

all the best

Sarcoth 28 Jan 2010 13:20

Welcome back Banalalive.

bananalive 28 Jan 2010 13:21


Originally Posted by DjEddie (Post 1968872)
is this able to import the xml of the forms from the vb 3 versions?

You can upgrade this version over the old one, not losing any of your form data or results.

It does still have the import/export form facility

bananalive 28 Jan 2010 13:21


Originally Posted by messengermatt (Post 1968867)
Screenshots would be an added bonus too

Adding them at the moment :)

messengermatt 28 Jan 2010 13:21


Originally Posted by beduino (Post 1968877)

maybe see in this topic helps

all the best

But 3 isnt the same as 4 i was thinking more so images related to this version so you can see that it works.

Welshy2008 28 Jan 2010 13:31

Banana - You are TOP, Top Man. Thank You.

steven72555 28 Jan 2010 13:41

I can't even get to an edit form page..
ANY suggestions?

we_are_borg 28 Jan 2010 13:42

Thank you Bananalive for this addon.

I think i found a bug the Description: is not passing vb code.

DaPro 28 Jan 2010 13:51

You have answered my prayers!

Thank you so much man for this, vB4 upgrade ahoy!

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