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"Does this hack exist? Will somebody make it?"
by filburt1
21 Oct 2003 00:48

If you're inquiring as to whether a certain code modification ("hack") exists, a good start would be to browse and search the heirarchal listing of hacks at http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=198 . This forum contains all released stable hacks here at vBulletin.org. Any hack that you see in that forum is completely free of charge. However, you will not be able to download the actual attached files unless you own or lease a vBulletin license, the idea being that those without vBulletin would find code modifications for it useless.

If you're inquiring as to whether a certain code modification ("hack") can be written, the answer is often yes (although more iffy in the case of product integration of a language different than PHP such as ASP or JSP). Once you own or lease a vBulletin license, you can request the hack for free, or for a charge taken up by an independent coder (typically freelance but highly experienced with vBulletin). Unfortunately, you cannot request hacks until you are licensed, but of course you may ask a question with regards to the possibility of the hack creation itself. While the vast majority of hacks are possible, for free or for pay, there are always some that are beyond the most experienced coder.

Please note that we will request license information if you request a hack in this forum. If you already own or lease a vBulletin license, go to http://www.vbulletin.com/members/ and authenticate yourself, and then post in the proper forum.

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