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RPG Intergration Hack: Improved Administration Menu
by legendarysam
09 Aug 2005 23:28

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This is my first hack, I apologize in advance if I do something wrong. :ermm:

WTF does this hack do?
When you install the RPG Intergration Hack, you are provided with administration options. Since I tend to be excesive-compulsive, I got really irritated at the way the menu was done (Does not match the other menus), so I deleted that portion from my admincp, and made my own. This menu matches the rest of the vBulletin Administration Control Panel, so, I guess, it looks clean, and more...like...a part of the admincp.

I might not like this, let me get my grubby paws on a screenshot.
Okay, but since my ISP doesn't allow me to post large attatchments to anything, I will have to host them. So, here you go:
ZOMG! Dis iz teh s uck! How do I install?
You obviously installed RPG Intergration Hack, so don't be stupid and click the install link.

NOTE: Support will be provided here, if you somehow mess this up.
NOTE: Only been tested on vBulletin v3.0.7, however; it should work on any v3 version. ;)
NOTE: Wish to contact me? AIM me at S43 Sammage. If that doesn't work, try thelegendarysam. If all else fails...PM me.

Marco van Herwaarden 10 Aug 2005 04:44

Thank you for sharing your work. You might want to put a link to the RPG hack in the addon field, so it is clear this is an addon to the RPG hack.

legendarysam 10 Aug 2005 04:49

Done and doner. Thanks, bro.

Glenn379 14 Apr 2007 22:34

Can someone please offer screenshots for this since the original ones are now unavailable? Thank you

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