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Need help copying(replicating) a module in vB5 connect...
by JohnPBee
26 Oct 2015 22:41

Don't know if this is the right forum for this or not but I need to copy or replicate the Articles module in vB 5 so I can use it on my homepage.

That said, does anyone know how I could do this?
I tried using the Search(JSON) and the Activities module with no success as neither one would present article previews with images and the "read more..." option.

PS. I already opened a ticket with vbulletin support and was told to come here.

Replicant 27 Oct 2015 15:23

What you are trying to do, I think, is pull in the articles activity stream and list it in a column beside the forum activity stream? This can probably be achieved using the .load() JQuery method and a custom template. Custom modules can also be fairly easily written to be used with Site-Builder.

Well, I was planning on moving forward with this, but I see not even 24 hours after your request for help, you've thrown in the towel. Thanks for the heads up. At least I'm not wasting my time. :up:

JohnPBee 27 Oct 2015 17:54

Hello and thanks for responding. As it turns out, vBulletin 5 connect is not what I was looking for.

I posted here at the recommendation of vBulletin.com support. But in reality, I can do what I'm looking for with and older version of vBulletin and vBadvanced without asking /waiting for customization /mods to mature. Which btw. wasn't my intent to begin with, as I was under the impression that vBulletin 5 Connect came with the capacity to make custom modules and/or use the same modules on different pages. - but as I discovered, this is not the case.

And so rather than sit on 400 dollars and a license I don't need, I'd rather place the funds elsewhere to help move my project forward.

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