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Site down with normal server load !
by abdobasha2004
27 Aug 2013 08:09

Can anyone please suggest why a vbulletin forum would crash for 1-2 min the come online again, I have very normal server load average, however I think server stops.
This problem only happen when there are a lot of online visitors, 8k or more...

ozzy47 27 Aug 2013 11:30

Check your error_logs (if you don't know where they are, ask your host). They should tell you the error that is causing the site to go down.

abdobasha2004 27 Aug 2013 17:49

I only have deprecated errors, which I think do not case site go down?

WEBDosser 27 Aug 2013 20:09

Any database error show?.

abdobasha2004 28 Aug 2013 00:12

No database error !!

snakes1100 28 Aug 2013 00:25

Is this a dedicated/vps server or is it a vhosted site on a shared server?

Max Taxable 28 Aug 2013 00:26

:eek: Maybe it's the NSA hacking you! :eek:

abdobasha2004 28 Aug 2013 00:32

1- Dedicated server 16 G RAM 2 Quad processors !
2- What is NSA??

snakes1100 28 Aug 2013 00:37

lmfao @ ? #2

So what is the error on the site if any, after it "crashes" or stops working?

abdobasha2004 28 Aug 2013 00:42

I get no error, just site not loading for a min or even less 30 sec, then automatically goes back online

snakes1100 28 Aug 2013 00:48

Unfortuantely, thats not a "crash", it wouldnt be easy to diagnose either, have you checked your server logs while this is going on?

server logs
apache logs

This could even be a simple BW issue, FW issue etc

ozzy47 28 Aug 2013 01:04

When it does happen, are you able to replicate it a few times in a row, or does it happen sporadically?

abdobasha2004 28 Aug 2013 01:15

1- my host is following with server logs, he needs to catch the logs during the downtime, and it is a little bit hard
2- I happens sporadically but only when there are a lot of visitors online, e.g when 10k online downtime, 11k no downtime, 9k downtime...

ozzy47 28 Aug 2013 01:17

I was hoping you could reproduce it multiple times in a row, but ohh well. Glad to hear your host is looking into it, will be interesting to see what they say.

Lynne 28 Aug 2013 03:01

When it comes back, are all the users still shown as online or does it appear that the users start showing at a low number and increase as time goes on? It could be that mysql is restarting if that is the case. So, check your mysql logs and see what is in there.

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