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[SEO Enhancement] Replace "reload this page" to the thread title
by final kaoss
15 May 2010 19:47

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This little tweak replaces the mouseover text on showthreads so that instead of saying "reload this thread" you get a more content relevent mouseover title.

Dr.osamA 15 May 2010 22:02

thank you man

good work


final kaoss 15 May 2010 23:12

Thanks. Sometimes the best tweaks are some of the smallest tweaks.

final kaoss 30 Jun 2010 23:26

This is still working with vb 4.0.4 PL1, just tested.

TheLastSuperman 01 Jul 2010 03:40


Originally Posted by extreme-gaming (Post 2037589)
Thanks. Sometimes the best tweaks are some of the smallest tweaks.

Well I don't know if I would go that far with this but that saying is true on occasion :p and I'll give you credit on beating someone else to this idea, I personally like the switch and glad I happened upon this thread but I do happen to happen a lot (I know grammar police me later, for now I control my own posts haha!).

GONUMBER6 27 Jul 2010 05:45

Tagged for install thanks!

final kaoss 01 Aug 2010 19:24

np i believe it is still working with vb 4.0.5

lubbie 09 Aug 2010 09:20


promet 10 Aug 2010 07:14

installed 4.0.5 and works fine thanks

final kaoss 12 Aug 2010 22:15

np & confirmed working with vb 4.0.6

daveaite 18 Aug 2010 03:55

nice fix.

sbsforum.us 18 Aug 2010 22:43

Installed thank you!

final kaoss 15 Sep 2010 17:52

Upgraded to vbulletin 4.0.7 & confirmed to still be working without a hitch!

vbbforfree 15 Sep 2010 18:32

Installed thank you!

hatiramolsun 18 Sep 2010 04:47

Installed thank you!

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