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final kaoss 11 Oct 2010 03:09

TY & something tells me that it'll work just fine with 4.0.8 :)

sonixax 23 Oct 2010 22:49

screenshot ?

Eduardo Leon 24 Oct 2010 05:06

haha nice mod.

well as he sayd .

this is very important .. :D !

final kaoss 29 Nov 2010 19:28

@ sonix, in the text file there is a page that has a live preview, check it out.
@ leo yes I think this could be an important factor since instead of "reload this page" which has nothing to do with the topic, it shows the topic title instead, helping a bit more.

Fergal C 04 Dec 2010 11:01

Thanks installed!

final kaoss 08 Jan 2011 03:55

Glad you like it.

oddmud 08 Jan 2011 23:58

I did it, but I still don't know where the change was made, LOL.

final kaoss 09 Jan 2011 02:55

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The change is where you mouseover a thread title while viewing a thread.

oddmud 09 Jan 2011 06:22

Ok well it didn't do anything on my site. v4.1, I think cause I'm using vBSEO with RRs.

final kaoss 09 Jan 2011 17:10

with the way your title is set, the link is removed, so it can't show.

final kaoss 07 Feb 2011 16:22

Tested & working with vbulletin 4.1.1 still.

Last_Zero 18 Feb 2011 00:24

Thanks Installed

final kaoss 18 Feb 2011 22:55

No problem, also, still working on vb 4.1.2. If they ever modify the code, I'll get it fixed asap. Enjoy the free seo boost!

cpvrx 20 Feb 2011 11:22

Thanks. :) It still works as well.

KissOfDeath 20 Feb 2011 13:06

good tip, thanks

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