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I want to put restrictions on PM's and signatures
by Ashfaq
05 Aug 2012 19:59


As the title says what are the best mods for controlling PM Spam. I want to allow PM's once they reach 15 posts on the forum.

2. Best mod to control signatures. I want to allow signatues once they reach 15-20 posts. Right now i m getting bots signup which directly place signature link in the profiles and never come back again.

Please help.

evenmonkeys 05 Aug 2012 21:21

Easiest way to control this would be to use the Usergroup Promotions feature. You would have two usergroups, one for people below 15 posts, and one for people that have become users with privileges. When you create a promotion, you can set it so that when a user hits 15 posts, they are changed from the first usergroup to the second usergroup.

This is how my forum operates as well.

AdminCP -> Usergroups -> Promotions

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