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PHPKD - Usergroup Attachment Moderation
by Omranic
31 Dec 2008 07:00

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This version is no longer supported as vB 3.6.x is out-of-date & no longer supported by vBulletin. It's just for historical reasons & for those who still using vB 3.6.x. Please refer to the vB 4.0.x or vB 3.8.x release for the latest stable & supported release.

Please remember to click Mark as Installed if you use this modification.
Support questions from members who have not marked this as installed will be considered low priority.

Note: This product has been requested by kevinh as a custom work Here. It has been completed & delivered few months ago. Since all of my custom work is licensed under Creative Commons - Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0, I publish it now for the public use, I hope this product will be useful for all of you.

Name: Attachment Moderation - Version: 3.6.100

Description: This product adds new permission to usergroup permissions "Follow Forum Moderation Rules", which if set to 'no', attachments are always placed into moderation queue.

Compatible with: All 3.6.x vBulletin versions.

Installation Procedure:
  1. Upload the 'bitfield_attach_moderation.xml' file to /includes/xml/.
  2. Do the following small file edit:
    Open the file includes/class_upload.php & search in it for the following code:

    Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
    Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

    Replace it with the following code:

    Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
    Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

  3. Import product's XML file from AdminCP.
  4. Done :).

  • vBulletin AdminCP -> Usergroups -> Usergroup Manager -> Attachment Permissions -> Follow Forum Moderation Rules [Yes/No]


Help with:
  • Suggestions to develop this product.
  • Translations to benefit more users (translation credits goes to their owners).

Known Isues:
None till now.

v3.6.100 31/12/2008 08:00 AM GMT: First initial public release.

Screen Shots:
Available down there.

Technical Notes:
Plugins: 0
New Phrases: 1
Template changes: 0
Code Changes: 1
New Templates: 0
New Settings: 0
New Permissions: 1
DB Tables: 0
DB Alterations: 1
Cron Jops: 0

Omranic 21 Mar 2010 02:07

New Release ...
v4.0.100 19/03/2010 08:00 AM UTC: Fully compatible vB 3.8.x & vB 4.0.x release!

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