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How to do SSO integration
by jackkau
23 Mar 2016 21:46


I did this with VB3 before. customize the login.php to pickup the headers deposited by SiteMinder after user logged in. Check the SiteMinder user ID against the user table, if it exists, then just create the session. If not, create the user record and then create the session.

The idea is to have SiteMinder protecting the site, enforcing a successfully login before allowing the user to access the site (if not authenticated, it will just direct you to a different site).

However in VB5, I am not able to find the login.php for me to make the change. Also, the index.php is so completely different, I don't know how to follow the logic.

Can you guy share some idea where to start? Should I revert my new site back to use VB4 instead? Thanks!


Replicant 24 Mar 2016 04:04

If this SSO is a requirement of your site for proper functionality, then you should revert back to vb4 with your most current backup and do a development version of vb5 and get the SSO developed, working, and tested before bringing the vb5 site live. It is possible to do a SSO with vb5 but each sites requirements are different and proper development and testing is needed before bringing the site online.

noypiscripter 23 Apr 2016 06:41

A vB Dev has a blog on how to log in to vB5 from an external script


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