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Mobile Control Panels! [Sneak Peak]
by Dr.CustUmz
01 Mar 2021 09:02

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Something much needed and visually appealing!

there is more than what is in the shot, including a header and side nav but thats why it is a "sneak peak"

I have started with the modcp (simply because it is a smaller project) this will be released for free once complete.

Some foreseeable issues I see with this. Although there are not many products that alter the modCP there are many for the adminCP. I am leaving the default hooks intact, (so you dont loose a product just to have a nice looking control panel) If a product breaks the control panel I will update it for that product if I am able. Im not quite sure how I am going to go about adapting the ENTIRE adminCP because any product could break it, but what I can do is make it so stock vB is mobile friendly, and make changes for the more popular products if needed.

I am using stock phrases where ever I can

I couldn't think of any "useful" description for vBulletin.com other than I felt I had to include it, so I just said you can download your copy of vbulletin here xD

Dr.CustUmz 01 Mar 2021 16:41

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Some more screenies =)

Dr.CustUmz 02 Mar 2021 15:35

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todays update screenie.

It's going to be more trivial than I thought to replace the guts of each page (forum sections ect, so this may get put on hold for a little) but I do have each page wrapped and not looking like stock. Just elements that are generated are going to require more fishing in other files I at first thought I would not need to modify.

Dr.CustUmz 03 Mar 2021 05:57

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Todays screenshot, Attachment Moderation


Keep in mind this is all stock functionality, in every screenshot. I have not added anything via plugins. This is what you can do when you just update the look of things =)

Dr.CustUmz 04 Mar 2021 05:05

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Thread moderation

Dr.CustUmz 04 Mar 2021 07:15

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Thread & Post Moderation

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