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Akismet Anti-Spam
by Jafo232
13 Jun 2006 00:04

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This extension will automatically check new posts against the Akismet spam rulesets and identify spam if it is posted on your site. All spam is set to moderated status until an admin/moderator approves/deletes it.

This setting can be set on a usergroup basis so only certain usergroups are scanned.

I have no affiliation with Akismet, I just know that it catches about 99% of all spam I get on my blogs.

You will need an API key to use this product, but they are free and you can get one immediately at wordpress.com when you sign up.

Installs easily, just upload the included files, and install the product file. NO TEMPLATE EDITS!

You should probably use a promotion strategy outlined here:


This will reduce your Akismet usage and not filter your regular users who you are pretty confident will not post SPAM.

A good mod that works with this hack is the "Moderation Queue on FORUMHOME" hack here:


The only other thing you need to do is:


This modification is FREE of charge, but if you wish to reward me for my work, and encourage future modifications by me, please donate below - :


Desihunk 13 Jun 2006 04:04

Since people are just posting to unhide stuff, this will really be helpful..


Zia 13 Jun 2006 04:55

interesting idea....but dont have enugh idea about http://akismet.com/

michaelbenson 13 Jun 2006 12:03

I am a user of Wordpress and can totally recommend this plugin, not only will it catch the vast majority of spam comments, but it is also intelligent enough to learn from its mistakes too. Excellent job with the port to vBulletin.

Jafo232 13 Jun 2006 13:09


Originally Posted by Zia
interesting idea....but dont have enugh idea about http://akismet.com/

Akismet is a site that bloggers (originally wordpress bloggers) use to eliminate comment spam on their site. If you have ever run a blog, you know that you start getting comment spam about 3 minutes after your blog makes it on Google.

They have begun porting it out to many other applications:

Movable Type

The service is basically free unless you are a very large site then it is a whopping $5/month.

My inspiration for this was the fact that all of a sudden I am starting to get posts about intimacy drugs and cell phones. I get these same posts in my blogs, so I decided to try and see if Akismet would work with VB. It worked perfectly and basically ended this type of spam for me.

I think ideally what you want to do is use this for new users, and when a user graduates to a new usergroup, eliminate this check for them.

In the future, I would like to put in the spam reporting feature into this mod so as to add an option to "Report Spam Then Delete", I am just limited in my time right now so it may take a while.

Jafo232 13 Jun 2006 18:45


Originally Posted by Desihunk
Since people are just posting to unhide stuff, this will really be helpful..


If you mean by bumping posts, then probably not. This just looks for SPAM.

SaintDog 13 Jun 2006 20:15

Thanks for the port over, it'll be interesting to see how well this works for vBulletin as well. It's pretty good for WP from what I've seen so far.

As for Post #2 - it would depend on what they're posting I suppose. If they are simply posting thanks, appreciate the info or other such random comments, it probably won't be identified as spam. Akismet looks for actual SPAM based comments when checking against its database and sends those identified to the moderation queue.

Dan 13 Jun 2006 20:19

Awsome idea :) I personally love Akismet on my own blog and this looks really useful.

Lqd 13 Jun 2006 20:36

Great tool, when I had my first test forum open on my site, I had about 30 to 50 spam posts a day, I discovered after a week the whole forum was one big advertisement for viagra and other means to increase your thingy, very annoying, this will solve this!

Great work!

COBRAws 13 Jun 2006 21:56

Actually we haVe to pay for using this on most of our forums. If not we will be breaking akismet's license agreement.

Jafo232 13 Jun 2006 22:03


Originally Posted by COBRAws
Actually we haVe to pay for using this on most of our forums. If not we will be breaking akismet's license agreement.




so we're saying if you're making more than $500/mo from your blog we ask that you use a $5/mo pro-blogger Akismet API
So basically, if your forum brings in more than $500 a month, they ask you give 1 percent or less of that profit to help keep spam off your site.

Honestly, that really isn't an issue. I would trade 1% of profits to keep spam off my moneymaker.

dead7 14 Jun 2006 14:14

So where are the rulesets of what it will catch? is that at all configurable?

Jafo232 14 Jun 2006 14:21


Originally Posted by dead7
So where are the rulesets of what it will catch? is that at all configurable?

Rulesets, no. Akismet is a database of known spam, spammers, and rulesets. Posts are sent to them, and the result (true or false) is sent back. They generally block over 95% of spam.

Jafo232 20 Jun 2006 18:15

Akismet gave the plugin a mention in their blog:


John_Shaft 22 Jun 2006 02:38

I'm really interested in this atm because I'm looking for an anti-spam solution, and so far it's between this and SpamBuster.

This would very likely have much better spam detection, but I really don't like the idea of running every single post through it when in my experience all spam is generated by a new poster. If this only checked the post for spam if it was in among their first x posts it would be much more my cup of tea (this is a feature of SpamBuster).

Thanks for the work, and I'll be keeping my eye on this.

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