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S S0DEN 17 Jul 2011 16:57

Doesnt work with 4.1.4 - uninstalled.

bpi007 17 Jul 2011 23:07

How can I select the top menu of a drops down menu when one of it's element was selected ?

rob_pio 18 Jul 2011 01:30


Originally Posted by S S0DEN (Post 2221507)
Doesnt work with 4.1.4 - uninstalled.

Strange, I've got 5 forums running 4.1.4, no problems on any of them.

Successfulsteps 18 Jul 2011 05:32

Does this work in 4.1.4?

nacaruncr 18 Jul 2011 05:54

read above men ;) but i suppose it's work :p

bpi007 18 Jul 2011 08:26

It works for me in 4.1.4 execpt that top level menu tabs is not selected when a item is choosen.

Not displaying correctly when not logged in
by ilanyon
19 Jul 2011 10:51


Originally Posted by kinhell (Post 2180361)
I have an issue where the tabs dont display correctly for users who are not logged in

They are fine for users logged in

My site is at www.echoseven.eu

Any help appeciated

Hi, I too am having this problem. The tabs are dropping down into the sub-nav bar and on top of each other when not logged in, but then are fine once you log into the site...

Help please???? :confused:


Further to the above - could this just be an IE issue? Is anyone else having this issue with MS IE? Cheers, Ian

bpi007 19 Jul 2011 11:15

your website work fine with FF 5 & IE 8 for me, didn't see any problem

ilanyon 19 Jul 2011 11:32


Originally Posted by bpi007 (Post 2222377)
your website work fine with FF 5 & IE 8 for me, didn't see any problem

Tks - was it? www.aiyj.org

bpi007 19 Jul 2011 11:55


Originally Posted by ilanyon (Post 2222379)
Tks - was it? www.aiyj.org

No, this one is incorrect in IE 8, it seems navbar has incorrect structure (missing balise may be)

AlokSharma 20 Jul 2011 09:45

I uninstalled the plugin and its still displaying this "*[evbs_sstab_advanced_menu]*" in the side bar.

Any idea how to get rid of this.

bpi007 20 Jul 2011 09:56

Is it possible for you to reinstall your theme ?

AlokSharma 20 Jul 2011 10:11

A bit doubtful because its a high traffic site.

bpi007 20 Jul 2011 10:27

Try AdminCP->Style & Template -> Search in Template : evbs_sstab_advanced_menu

Did it find something ?

AlokSharma 20 Jul 2011 10:46

Nothing. It bring me to the style manager page.

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