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Originally Posted by Zia
interesting idea....but dont have enugh idea about
Akismet is a site that bloggers (originally wordpress bloggers) use to eliminate comment spam on their site. If you have ever run a blog, you know that you start getting comment spam about 3 minutes after your blog makes it on Google.

They have begun porting it out to many other applications:

Movable Type

The service is basically free unless you are a very large site then it is a whopping $5/month.

My inspiration for this was the fact that all of a sudden I am starting to get posts about intimacy drugs and cell phones. I get these same posts in my blogs, so I decided to try and see if Akismet would work with VB. It worked perfectly and basically ended this type of spam for me.

I think ideally what you want to do is use this for new users, and when a user graduates to a new usergroup, eliminate this check for them.

In the future, I would like to put in the spam reporting feature into this mod so as to add an option to "Report Spam Then Delete", I am just limited in my time right now so it may take a while.
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