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Originally Posted by dead7
I have a user (long time existing member) that did post a few things that would've likely been caught as spam when in fact they weren't. It was just an odd way the post and numerous urls were laid out in it.. so i can see why it caught that msg and a few others..

However... this user is now just trying to reply typing in plain text with no urls and every post they make goes right to moderation?? How on earth do i exempt someone or teach Akismet that this user is fine? The plugin and akismet has been working flawlessly on the board and has caught every real piece of spam but this is beginning to annoy me.

The user is just replying like i am in this thread as usual but they go right to moderation.. is it learning by username too? is there a way to fix this??
Most likely, that users IP and/or Uname combo has been blacklisted. Here is what I do on my forums:

Create a group called Registered Users Promoted.

Copy the same settings as you have for the Registered Users group EXCEPT set the option "Filter Posts With Akismet" to no.

Then click the link labeled: "Promotions" and create a new promotion to:

Select the usergroup: Registered Users

reputation level: 0

days registered: 2

posts: 5

promotion strategy: Posts and (Reputation or Date)

promotion type: Primary Usergroup

Move to usergroup: Registered Users Promoted

Now when a registered user has been a member for more than 2 days, AND has more than 5 posts, they will be "promoted" to the group that has no spam filtering. You can edit the promotion requirements to what you see fit.

Generally SPAM is posted from flyby registrations that register with the sole intention of making a spam post, and disappearing.
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