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Suggestion 1

Leader board names should have colour tags on them. So say if red is for admin, the admins should be red on the leader board. Same should happen if you are a champion of a certain game.

Suggestion 2

Arcade mod cp should have less tables. The mod notes doesnt need to be in its own table.

The whole mod cp shouldnt have a table background and should just use the forum background to keep it clean and neat.

Suggestion 3

The arcade settings should look like the rest of vbulletin settings. If you have a look at user cp option settings they look very neat, orginised and professional.

Suggestion 4

You shouldnt be able to rate a game from the home page. Instead rate the game after submitting a score.

Suggestion 5

Instead of text for "Add game to fav" maybe use a picture? It should make the arcade home page more attractive.

Suggestion 6

Center the text in the catagory cells. It doesnt look very nice when its to the left whilest the game boxes are all centered .
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