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Another Tournament Suggestion:

Have a tournament announcement at the top of the arcade, and also on the top of the tournament information page, starting who needs to play their game for the tournmanet to continue.

For example, if Pingu Slap is currently waiting for one person to finish their game so the next round can be advanced too, the tournament announcement area would show:

Pingu Slap Tournament - the following players need to complete their games to advance: memberA, memberB, and memberC

Virus2 Tournament - the following players need to complete their games to advance: memberD, memberX

Tetris Tournament - the following player needs to complete their game to advance: memberW

possibly these values could be pulled form the same area that the 'reminder' system will use - i.e. when a member is in the 'reminder' cue, their name shows up - and once they play their game, they drop off.. unless they go to the next round, and then their name will pop up again, as the system waits for them to play their game

This would also be helpful with the 'custom name' of the Tournament allowed, so if you have 3 Pingu Slap tournaments going on at the same time, it would be easier for players to remember which Pingu Slap tournament they are in..
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