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more tournment ideas...

Ok, my members are really using and enjoying the tournament mode - one thing they said (and maybe it's already said in the thread here - but i didnt see it), is that they would like more notification pm's of everythign that happens - for example, you get a pm once the tournament is full - they would like to get pm's for these events too:

* when an opponent has completed all their tries, so they know they need to do or finish theirs up too

* when it's time for their try because an opponent dropped out, disqualified, etc. (already discussed, reminder system)

* when they have moved up to the next level because their opponent lost, or was disqualified

* when they've been eliminated from a tournament, because their score was beaten, or they were disqualified

* when the torunament is over, telling them the name of the tournament and who won

They also would like:
* an option to drop themselves out of a tournament

* an option to delete a tournament they started

* A place on arcade home saying what tournaments are in progress, and who is ahead, for example:

"jilly is the currrent leader in the Pingu Slap Tournament"
with the words Pingu Slap Tournament a link to the tournament itself or the tournament section

* a shoutbox or comment box in the tournament area, something where they or any onlookers can nicely goad or encourage each other, depending on the match
* some way to join leagues or teams, and then when they choose to join a tournament, they join it as the 'blue' league, and if it's a 4 game player match, then the blue league gets two slots and the red league gets two slots, and they play blue again red, etc. I know that's a bit more complicated - just something to keep in mind..
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